Friday Jan 8, 1993
Art in Review
Seven Rooms/Seven Shows'

P.S. 1 Museum
46-01 21st Street
Long Island City, Queens
Through Sunday

On the second floor, "Seven Rooms/Seven Shows" gathers together a number of younger and emerging artists in a series of one-room exhibitions, each organized by a different critic or independent cura-tor. Nearly every room has something to offer, but special note should be taken of Zapora Jacobs, who tackles various racial stereotypes with Barbie dolls and their accessories in the room organized by Calvin Reid, and of Kenny Schachter's entire cheek-by-jowl presentation. It includes an all-red installation by Rachel Harrison, an overbearing but weightless construction of cardboard boxes by Beth Haggart and a large patched-together collage-drawing by Christian Schumann, an aggregate of writing and images, often of the cartoon variety, that bristles with talent.

Roberta Smith

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