Village VOICE

July 9, 1991 pgs. 86-87

'Decorous Beliefs': Is this what the '90s is about? It's
not exactly in a gallery, it's barely a show, and it may
just be the first politically incorrect exhibition (before
you sign the guest book, peek at its cover). This raw
loft strewn with negligent, nasty, instant works --
Devon Dikeou's meat thermometers and carving ta-
ble, Andrea Zittel's house flies, Craig Kalpakjian's
fingerprints, John Lekay's kinetic vibrators, Tamas
Banozich's personal ads on dangling tags -- can leave
you guessing what's art and what's part of the grungy
space. But there's an undeniable sense of fresh ex-
haustion that can stop you in your tracks. Through
July 7, Natalie Rivera Gallery, 89 Greene Street. 641-
1070. (Kim Levin)

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