Hey, You Never Know
March 3-April 30, 1998
Curated by Kenny Schachter
Reception Tues., March 3 6-8

534 LaGuardia Place, NYC 10012
Hours Tues - Sat 10-8, Sun 12-7
807-6669 fax 645-0743
Art * Cafe * Fashion

In a storefront a block north of Houston, Kenny Schachter will curate a large-scale group exhibition with a continuous slate of readings, a curated section of fashion designers and a fully operational cafe. The show will remain open with extended hours for a period of two full months. The range of exposition history of the individual artists varies widely, some showing here for the first time while others have extensively exhibited; additionally, works will be displayed from the UK, Mexico, and Asia.

The title of the show derives from the slogan of the New York lottery advertising campaign, encouraging in a veiled tone the chance to get rich easy by selecting winning numbers. In this rough and tumble economic climate, who wouldn't want the opportunity to cash in, then cash out of the constant hustle and rat race? Can you play the lottery for fun, or is it a false hope to a quick escape route? Sometimes it feels like facing the day is a veritable crapshoot as to what will be encountered at any given moment. In this exhibition of painting, sculpture, video and installation, you never know what you will find--maybe even something that pertains to the title.

Smart lotto players pick their own numbers!

Mary Clancy
John Illig
Steven Parrino
Jerry Kearns
Joan Linder
Rob Pruitt
Louis Kirchner
John Kelsey
Dan Asher
Peter Fend
Miriam Dym
Pamela Lins
Bonnie Seeman
Alan Uglow
Dave Arnold
Augustine Romero
Kesang Lamdark
Gary Stephan
Bill Albertini
Serge Spitzer
John Roach
Simon Lee
Marco Arce
Brian Griffiths
Hiroshi Sunari

Thur. Night Readings at 6pm Organized by Geoffrey Young March 12 Paul Auster, Thomas Beller, Charles Bernstein, Melissa Holbrook Pierson, Marjorie Welish; March 19 Anselm Berrigan, Brenda Coultas, Kenneth Goldsmith, Jason MacLow, Sianne Ngai; April 2 Tim Davis, MIchael Gizzi, David Greene, Erica Hunt, Lisa Jarnot * Fashion Organized by Carol Leggett: Floria Sigismondi, Maja, Kalinka, Christina Perrin * Food by Fat Witch